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About Us

You are probably wondering what in the world does 99Left4One mean and why we choose this brand name for our store? The brand name "99Left4One" was inspired by "The Parable of the Lost Sheep" A parable is short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach, religious principle, or moral. In all the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), Jesus told many parables. It was the easiest way to get his message across to the people that were listening. Plus, everyone loves a good story.

The story "The Parable of the Lost Sheep", is found in the book of Luke (15:3-7) in the Bible. So Jesus told them this story. "If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them gets lost, what will he do? Won't he leave the ninety-nine others in the wilderness and go to search for the one that is lost until he finds it? And when he has found it, he will joyfully carry it home on his shoulders. When he arrives, he will call together his friends and neighbors, saying, "Rejoice with me because I have found my lost sheep" In the same way, there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven't strayed away!

Jesus was trying to convey that he is the Shepherd. The 99 sheep are those in the body of Christ or those that are already born again. The 1 sheep that the Shepherd goes after represents the sinner who is lost. All of heaven has a party for 1 soul that repents and returns to God. This is the reason why Christ gave his life. God loves us so much that he wants none to perish, but all to be found.

Our mission goes beyond selling Christian apparel. We want to use our platform to spread The Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. There are people that are hurting, looking for hope and a savior. That savior is Jesus Christ, who loves us and wants the best for us. Β